Agarose Tablet 200 mg


Biobench Agarose tablets are designed to provide a cleaner, simple, faster, no-mess environment gel preparation.

Each tablet contains 200 mg Agarose

Available products :

Cat No. T 0101  Size 100 Tablets

Cat No. T 0102  Size 250 Tablets

Features :

  • DNase/RNase-free
  • Fast and convenient
  • Greater gel-to-gel consistency
  • Gels as low as 0.5% are feasible
  • Organic Solvent Free
  • Safer and cleaner to use than conventional agarose powder

Description :

Biobench Agarose Tablets are designed to provide a cleaner, safer, no-mess environment and more convenience than powdered agarose. Each tablet contains a pre-determined amount of agarose ( 200 mg) eliminating the need to weigh out loose agarose powder. Tablets are manufactured with low electro endosmosis, multi-purpose, standard melting point agarose that yields high resolution sharp DNA bands with high clarity and low background. Unlike traditional agarose powder that relies heavily on the use of toxic organic solvents, Biobench Agarose Tablets are manufactured using innovative Organic Solvent Free manufacturing process that is greener and more environment friendly.

Applications :

  • DNA/RNA gel electrophoresis
  • Cell migration assay

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